Only this product is exclusive translated
for the Central Continent European market.

Guest Call System (GCS)

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calling system for guests
• Guest Call System (Coaster/Pager)

VeDoSign has the largest selection of calling systems for guests, always the right product for your needs.
The calling system is a Guest Call System from the renowned American manufacturer HME - VeDoSign is their exclusive business partner for Central Europe. A reliable system that is ideal for all situations in which customers/guests have to wait for an ordered product.

Once the customer has ordered and paid, he is given a Disc or Pager which is activated by your staff via the terminal. The Disc/Pager beeps and blinks when the ordered goods are ready for the customer to pick up - furthermore the Disc/Pager can vibrate. This system makes the loudspeaker announcements obsolete!

Revenues increase
GCS reduces the waiting time, no more long annoying queues at the checkout area or where meals are delivered. Thus, more customers can be served in a pleasant atmosphere. GCS is perfect for Fast-Food and self-service concepts as well as for catering businesses.

The calling facilities for guests consist of;
• Discs
• A charger with a stand for the Discs/Pagers
• A terminal with a keyboard, from which it
   is possible to activate the Discs/Pagers

Easy installation
GCS is a plug & play unit. No long instructions, but fast and effective functions that ensure a smooth operation.

A GCS-Disc/Pager is ideal for advertising. VeDoSign can assist you in the design and printing.

Buy or rent
You can either buy the GCS system or rent it (We would like to give you advice on the different options; we look forward to hearing from you).